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Nov 11, 2000 arrived @CityofHamilton, Independent Immigrant, Biochemist, taken ESL, York Blvd by Locke St N at Dundurn Castle tour

Nathalie Xian Yi Yan, PhD

Nathalie Xian Yi Yan is a passionate and experienced advocate in the field of law, both substantive and procedural. After graduated from the Paralegal Program at Mohawk College she also gained experience and wisdom while navigating the three independent branches of governance system: executive, legislative and judiciary and has been educated about our two Canadian legal systems: the Civil Law system in Quebec and the Common Law system in the rest of Canada.



As a daughter of two doctors from China, Nathalie has been contributing vital services to the common people of the City of Hamilton through traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture practice at the Parkdale Medical Centre for over a decade, before serving Hamilton Centre as a medical practitioner for seven years using her skills and business acumen. Nathalie is engaged with the functions of the Canadian Health Care system on all levels.



From immigrating to Canada all the way through to MP candidacy, Nathalie has been deeply invested in local Hamiltonians through her tireless work in volunteer and entrepreneurial activities in various communities. Nathalie started campaigning in 2006 and addressed the various concerns of people’s daily lives. The results are treasures earned from the people of Hamilton that will be reinvested into the people of this nation.

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905 527 7255    89 Gage Ave South Hamilton Ontario L8M 3C8

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